Color Leg Bands - Vynalast - Striped - XF - 2.3-2.5mm


Please note all color bands are only sold in multiples of 10 (ten) bands and per band, not per stick. For example, if you need 50 bands total, please put 50 in the quantity line.

Each band has three stripes.

Need help with choosing the right size band? Consult our Band Size Conversion Chart.

Vynalast material is a tough, rigid PVC product, originally designed for technical applications of engraved signage. The plastic has excellent UV properties and is extremely durable and resistant to salt water, which makes it highly suitable for outdoor and marine applications.

4 metal applicators are provided free of charge with the purchase of any quantity of color bands.

Inside diameter 2.3-2.5mm. Height 4.5mm.

DISCLAIMER: Color bands are manufactured for application to captive and wild birds. However, as much as we wish, they are not high-tech pieces of equipment. The color of color bands may fade or shift over time given exposure to UV and the climate. Color bands may open and lose shape if kept in hot conditions such as a banding kit left in the sun or inside vehicles. Color bands can also become brittle or crack if stored for long periods in plastic containers. While color bands are extremely useful, we ask that researchers consider the limitations of this product. We regrettably cannot offer any guarantees on this product.