AFO Branded Binocular Harness


A simple harness system featuring centennial celebration Association of Field Ornithologists logo. Fully adjustable, comfortably stabilizes gear while out in the field. See OP/TECH USA's website for accessory compatibility and more. Specs from below:

Recommended Comfort Load*: Up to 15 lbs (6.8 kg)
Tensile Strength Each Uni-Loop Connector: 146lbs (66kg)
Carry Style: Harness
# of Connection Points: Two
Connection Type: Uni-Loops
Strap Length: Fully adjustable; one size fits most              
Quick Disconnects: Yes
Materials: Nylon elastic webbing; leather back tab
Webbing Width: 1"
Made in the USA: Yes
* Note: The recommended load is the amount of weight that can be comfortably carried on the strap. Straps can safely carry much more.